The Non-Silence of the LAMB

EXCERPT (The Non-Silence of the LAMB):

'Therefore, when Gena went to Jamaica to get Myrtle, she was focused and fearless like a soldier on a special rescue mission. She was determined to rescue her little sister from emotional captivity. Gena had looked forward to this mission for years. She had spent many sleepless nights thinking about how she would deliver her sister from her despair in Jamaica.

By the time Gena got to Jamaica, she was as prepared as a lawyer going to court to defend an innocent man who was wrongly accused, or a special squad poised to embark upon a mission to rescue an innocent captive.

She gave Myrtle a passport book and told her that she wouldn’t have to worry about anything. All she had to do was listen to Gena keenly and do exactly what she said she should do. If she did that, then their mission to the United States through immigration at the airport would be successful. Gena also gave her a piece of paper with some vital facts that she would need to know within one week. These were facts about Myrtle’s new name and identity.

During the week that Gena was in Jamaica, she and Myrtle rehearsed their strategy repeatedly. Gena called Myrtle by her new name to see if she would respond promptly to it. Early on the morning of their flight, Gena took Myrtle to the dentist. He extracted one of Myrtle’s teeth with very little Novocain, and within a few hours, one side of Myrtle’s face was swollen.

She was in excruciating pain. Unfortunately, this was part of the plan, necessary to make their mission successful. Myrtle’s deep Jamaican accent could be a real liability, especially considering that she would be playing the role of a native-born American in front of the US immigration officer.

Once they got onto the plane, Myrtle’s face was so swollen, she was virtually unidentifiable. When they got to immigration, the well-mannered young white…' (Page 279, paragraph 3)

Clarion Review (05/01/2013)




The Non-Silence of the LAMB

Berthalicia Fonseca-Brown

Luke A. M. Brown




"Having kids was her survival tool," writes Luke A. M. Brown and Berthalicia Fonseca-Brown of Essie,… It is a story of love and family, and it is quite nicely, if not artfully, told. The prose is simple and easy to follow.


At the very least, they have crafted a pleasant, often sweet, and always entertaining novel about an unusual, dynamic woman and the family she built.


Mark McLaughlin

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